Five things, Five events, Five Lessons from 2012

First Event

After Resisting Peer Pressure for ages, I finally gave in and used my HARD EARNED money to buy a BlackBerry Phone! (Money that could have fed me for 3 months).. Only to Lose the Phone 4 weeks later to HOT BOILING WATER! Yes, i accidentally poured BOILING POINT HOT WATER on my shiny new expensive Phone and lost the phone forever!

Lesson learnt

No, the lesson is not about keeping your phone out of “harms” the lesson here is -the spirits did not want me to buy my own BlackBerry and I stubbornly went ahead to buy one- two months later, I got a “Hand me down” BlackBerry, free of charge (I paid in kind! washing and cleaning and babysitting) from my Sister! and it is still working perfectly! (the space bar is bad but that is by the way)


Second Event

After Years of Selling Medicines, I decided i needed a Break! yes! A well deserved Break..I was tired.. and much as i hate school (note the present tense), it suddenly seemed more interesting than counting and selling medicines! I needed to go back to school..There was only one problem- I WANTED TO SCHOOL ABROAD.. em, another Problem.. I could never afford it.. but i forgot about the second problem (it was only a tiny one..).There was one school with a big name! a really big name! and the ONLY reason I applied to the school was so i could tell my Children “If Mummy could apply to this school, so can you” because i knew that even if they were to sell my whole family, I could never ever afford to go there..The application cost me £50.. I took a gamble and it paid off! I literally won a lottery!

Lesson Learnt

Sometimes it is good to gamble! take the step.. even if you can see the problems around (I do not know how to say this in a satiric manner).. I invested £50 and got HUGE returns on the investment!

Third Event

After one year of waiting, I got my dream job! Only, at the time i got the job, it was not my dream anymore.. I could now afford a “BIGGER” Dream

Lesson Learnt

What you look forward to Today, might (will most likely) mean NOTHING to you tomorrow! Do not waste your time waiting for that Phantom.. Cast your bread upon many waters!

Fourth Event

I learnt the same lessons from two events.. Unfortunately, i cannot give the details of the events but i can share the lessons!

Lesson Learnt

Growing up means making tough decisions..but you know I learnt one thing.. When you are at cross roads and you really want the two Options, you can get it! the saying “You can’t eat your cake and have it” is literally true but figuratively, these 2 events have proven to me that you can Eat your cake and have it WHOLE!

Fifth Event

Well, the year is not ended yet.. Anything can still happen!

Fifth Lesson

Wait for it!


The Biggest Lesson I have learnt this year 2012 is that I can Create my own Opportunities!.. One individual can make a difference- DARE TO DREAM! 


7 thoughts on “Five things, Five events, Five Lessons from 2012

  1. Beautiful piece, since I know about some of the events you mention, you can imagine the chills that went down my spine as I remembered you experiencing them!

  2. Atai,Atai…. beautiful lessons learnt from each events.I smiled as i read through because i know all the events including the one you refused to share *winks*. Thumbs up girl!Miss you.

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